Colonel Horst K. Joost

Colonel Horst K. Joost was in-country as Executive Officer of the
173d Airborne Brigade in 1965 being supported by the 145th Combat Aviation
Battalion. On the death of LTC Honour, he assumed command of the 145th on
20 Feb. 1966.
Col. Joost retired in Tampa, Florida after serving 31 years which
began 1937 with his enlistment at age 15. He served in every rank (except
WO) in both enlisted and officer category. He is a member of the Infantry
Hall of Fame, and served for many years in airborne. In the early 1960's,
he became FW and RW qualified and became involved in the early development
of airmobile doctrine and techniques.
Following his retirement, he pursued advanced university degrees,
having completed his undergraduate work while in the service and became a
professor at the University of South Florida, Tampa.
Col. Joost is currently involved in the antiquarian book trade,
specializing in early Americana. He and his wife of 40 years reside in
Tampa. His son born at Fort Benning, is a professor at anthropology.
Although Col. Joost has a very busy schedule he is very interested in
getting the history of our Battalion put together. It's people like Col.
Joost that will make and keep our association a very fine organization.
Thank you Col. Joost.


Thanks to his efforts that we have much of the 1966 history in our files.