71st AHC NEWSLETTERS 1 Jan-28 Feb 67

The following is the History Newsletter of 71st Assault Helicopter
Company for 1 January 1967 to 31 January 1967. COMBAT HIGHLIGHTS for the
71st AHC: 2 Jan 67: This month began in support of the 25th Inf Division
in location around Binh Chanh. Moderate fire was received on the first
lift with two aircraft being hit and one pilot wounded. Seven more lifts
were made with no fire being received until the last. During the afternoon
extractions were made with no reported VC activity. The Firebirds provided
a heavy fire team in support of the operation. The Rattlers flew a total
of 70.6 hours and made 258 sorties. 4 Jan 67: The Rattlers returned to
Binh Chanh again in sopport of the Tropic Lightening Division and
preformed two lifts with no enemy activity. The second mission was at Rach
Kien where lifts were made. Light sniper fire was received but Charlie
proved to be a bad shot. Later in the afternoon, the Rattlers played
checkers by lifting and extracting the 3rd Battalion a total of 12 times.
Some light fire was reported. Total time was 77.4 hours and 453 sorties. 5
Jan 67: The 25th Division obtained the aid of the Rattlers in the Nha Be
area for six lifts into pacified areas. Upon completion, the flight moved
to Rach Kien for three lifts. Automatic weapons fire was received on
approach, landing, and takeoff. The firebirds suppressed the area and
destroyed five structures. Six aircraft took hits, but there were no
casualties. Administration and logistic support was provided preceeding
the extraction which required five lifts. The flight was released after
racking up 92.5 hours and flying 402 sorties. 8 Jan 67: Eagle flights were
conducted for the 25th Division with extractions preformed later in the
day. Light sniper fire was acted upon by the Firebirds resulting in one VC
KIA and one structure destroyed. Flight task took a total of 42 hours and
164 sorties. 10 Jan 67: The Rattlers were assisted by the Little Bears
(A/25 25INF) for insertion of U.S. and R.V.N. troops northeast of Binh
Chanh. The Rattlers provided the reaction force, logistical flights and
extractions after the insertion was made. Smoke ships were utilized for
screening the canal lines. Several rounds of harassing fire was heard, but
had no effect. A total of 42 sorties were extracted. Flight hours were
69.7 and total sorties were 271. 11 Jan 67: A rapid reaction was performed
in support of the 9th Infantry Division to assure the Rattlers were on
their toes. Three lifts were made with fire being received on all
approaches and take-offs from the LZ. The flight time was 21.3 and 110
sorties. 14 Jan 67: Artillery fire and an air strike delayed the first
lift in support of the old standby, 25th. Upon completion of the mission,
resupply was begun followed by an extraction during the afternoon. 17 Jan
67: The Rattlers were placed on alert while the 25th Division made plans
for the conduct of an eagle flight. After being called out just before
lunch, the flight was made and extraction and reinsertion was preformed
two hours later. An extraction for for late afternoon was cancelled due to
a difficult tactical situation. Flight hours logged were 57.5 and 167
sorties were completed. 18 Jan 67: The flight journeyed to Binh Chanh for
eagle flights planned by the 25th Division. Two LZ's and PZ's were
utilized for the insertion and extraction. Automatic weapons fire was
received, but no damage to aircraft or crews resulted. The Firebirds,
assisted by tracked vehicles, destroyed one structure. Resupply missions
ended the day. A tally of 172 sorties and 65.2 hours recorded. 19 Jan 67:
A change of scenery was experienced by the Rattlers who supported the 3rd
ARVN Airbourne Battalion for eagle flights and the 4 U.S. Division for an
extraction. The flights were made into friendly areas because no fire was
reported. Extractions were made in an area southeast of Dau Tieng. The
flights made 196 sorties during the day and a total of 75.7 flight hours.
23-27 Jan 67: The Rattlers sent 4 UH-1D and 2 UH-1C aircraft to Song Be
for the conduct of Recondo operations for II FFV. Missions were also
conducted for the subsector advisor and Special Forces in the area. The
Firebirds provided reconnaissance support on the recondo missions and
engaged targets of oppurtunity under the direction of the local FAC in the
Song Be area. The Recondo Teams consisted of four men who were lowered
into selected areas and removed at later times and their purpose was to
provide intelligence information about the enemy. Several accidents
occured in which ships were
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damaged. Total hours flown during this time were 82.5 and 148 sorties were
flown. The Firebirds destroyed 58 structures and damaged 3. A total of 9
secondary explosions were reported and ammo used on the mission was 390
2.75 rockets and 90,000 rounds of 7.62 machinegun ammo. The Rattlers
hauled 4.2 tons of cargo and carried 119 passengers. 29 Jan 67: The
Rattlers provided support to the 199th Infantry Bde in areas around Cat
Loi and Nha Be. Four lifts were made into various LZ's. The U.S. Navy used
four slicks and a heavy fire team for a classified SEAL mission. Total
hours were 51.7 with 175 sorties. Some automatic weapons fire was
received, but no damage was reported. Support was provided the 173rd
Airborne Bde for insertion of a long range patrol at 1730 hours. Three six
man patrols were inserted in various LZ's in War Zone D. The flight
remained airborne until after dark. No fire was received during the
operation. Total hours were 10.7 and 41 sorties. 31 Jan 67: The 71st made
an extration for the 9th Infantry Division in an area around Bear Cat. The
assistance of a CH-47 was utilized to cut the time of lifting the 600 man
force. The LZ was extremely small and allowed only four aircraft to enter
at a time. Total flight time for the day was 53.3 and sorties totaled 198.
Civic actions for the 71st AHC during the month of January 1967 was
the Rattlers done an excellent job of donating money to be used for
purchasing food, closing, and toys for the people at Bui Hung. Work is
still continuing at the church with many materials being supplied by the
71st. The 71st's civic action program under the direction of Captain
Keller has aided many people and brought many friends to the Rattlers.
Moments To Remember; The day Captain Mangum flew with the Firebirds
in order to test the weapons system. The AC said, "Arm the system", so
Captain Mangum flipped the switch. A pop was heard, then the crew chief
said, "They're gone, - he jettisoned my rocket pods." All that was seen
for the rest of the flight was a red glow coming from the copilot's seat.
Well done Jettison 6!
The following is the History Newsletter of 71st Assault Helicopter
Company for 1 February 1967 to 28 February 1967. COMBAT HIGHLIGHTS for the
71st AHC: 5 Feb 67: The Rattler flight accompanied by a light fire team
from the Firebirds, departed Bien Hoa and arrived over Phuoc Vinh at 1630
hours. The operation was in support of the 1st Bn, 26th Inf, 1st US Inf
Division. Four lifts were made into 3 LZ's around a village three
kilometers northeast of Phoc Vinh. Small arms fire was reported on take-
off from LZ #1 with no aircraft reporting hits. The area was worked over
by the Firebirds and an artillery strike. No further fire was recieved.
Total flight time was 31.9 hours and 107 sorties were logged. 8 Feb 67:
Tay Ninh was the destination and suport of the 190th LT Inf Brigade was
the mission. Resupply, command and control, and administrative flights
comprised the day's operations. Automatic weapons fire was reported
throughout the day with one aircraft recieving damage due to hostile fire.
The Rattlers logged 72.6 hours and 279 sorties during the day. 12 Feb 67:
Today's flight was in support of the 199th Inf Brigade. The Rattlers
preformed six combat assults and five extractions. Two aircraft were
damaged by enemy fire and one crewmember recieved minor injuries from
sharpnel. Operations consisted of hualing a combination of United States
and ARV troops.The days flight time was 110.2 hours and 338 sorties were
flown. 13 Feb 67: Support was again given to the 199th for insertions and
extractions southeast of Saigon. The Firebirds made preparations of the
LZ's and artillery was fired also. Automatic weapons fire was recieved by
the Rattlers and also by the troops. Gunship support was provided
continuously and an air strike was called in upon completion of the
mission. Flight hours were 98.7 and sorties totaled 319. 15 Feb 67: The
Rattlers journeyed to Tay Ninh and arrived at 0730 to begin resupply and
personnel moves. One company was inserted at a battalion extracted during
the days operations. Artillery and gunships prepared the areas and some
small arms fire was recieved after the lift. The Rattlers flew 111 hours
and preformed 301 sorties with 11 slicks and 4 gunships. No aircraft
damage was reported. 26 Feb 67: The Rattlers moved to Tay Ninh to provide
support to operation "Junction City". Many resupply missions were carried
out and several combat assaults were made. The Firebirds provided support
to the company as well as standby for the operation. Enemy fire was
recived during our stay, but damage to aircraft was light.